We are real people

Open Lab is a group of six developers & designers and one accountant. We have different degrees and styles of presence on the web.  
Roberto Bicchierai
Lead architect for Twproject. view the blog twitter
Matteo Bicocchi
UI lead designer. jQuery components expert (see the pupunzi.com site). view the blog twitter
Silvia Chelazzi
Java developer and marketer for Twproject. view the blog twitter
Caterina Feroci
Laura Mirri
Art director. twitter tumblr
Giuseppe Panzarella
Graphic and UI designer. portfolio twitter
Pietro Polsinelli
Project leader for Twproject and game designer. view the blog twitter

The company

Open Lab was founded in Florence in 2001 and has been continuously operating since. Five partners and two collaborators make the whole team which covers a wide range of design, development and communication skills. The company is financially solid thanks to the wide range of corporate customers and its continuously updated product line and solutions. Official financial position documents are publicly available through Italian commercial institutions. Contact us at info@open-lab.com