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Social-awarenessKeep Me Safe in Europe

A game for learning how to prevent neglect and abuse. Focused on recognition, telling and help with neglect and abuse experienced by young people criss-crossing Europe.


A persuasive app for real graffiti prevention and digital graffiti empowering:
Create your digital graffiti on Florence Opera del Duomo surfaces and works. You can also share and send them to Florence Opera del Duomo online archive.


Games-For-HealthFeel Better

Feel Better is thought as a "discovery game" for PC, tablets and smart phones that helps young people on long term therapy interactively acquire useful information to tackle their disease day by day, learning how to manage their fears about something they don’t know.

Industrial-SafetyOffshore safety

The first educational and informative game on the hydrocarbon exploitation activities in the offshore. Keep a high safety level and become a Safety Master!


INDIE-GAMEFootball Drama

Football Drama is a new spin on a football management game whose story evolves in the Thiefa League universe.

This universe is the world of football where crime, drugs, violence, corruption live with and of the beautiful game.

The game is currently in development.


applied-gamesExplaining with games

Games can be designed to teach and facilitate learning processes. This book is focused on teaching you on how to contribute creating such games.
The book is being written, with previews on Leanpub.

and more

We have created many more applied games and playful storytelling initiatives:
for Unesco (request a playable demo link), RAI, urban redesign, one wonderful failed Kickstarter, social change... :-)