"A football game about poets & crooks"

Football management, turn-based matches & drama.

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Will to come back

You are Rocco Galliano, the new coach of Calchester Assembled football team.

This is your come back as football coach after the abrupt ending of your coaching career seven years ago.

Manage your team, your uneasy life and try to win matches in this managerial and narrative game.

You have to lead and live within this universe, dealing with the weird lifestyles of your players and President Boris Aluminovitch, trying to win the Thiefa League championship at the helm of Calchester Assembled.

How do you play?

Football Drama is a new spin on a football management game whose story evolves in the Thiefa League universe. This universe is the world of football where crime, drugs, violence, corruption live with and of the beautiful game.

Your work, training, dialogue and management will add to your karma and special playing cards. By playing cards at the right moment during matches you can change game-play and results.

Football Drama will be playable on mobile and desktops.

Heroic wins and losses, player’s disorderly and uncontrollable lives, the temptation to take short-cuts to victory – corruption, drugs, euphoria, depression, the choking control by multinationals … you find all this and more in Football Drama.